Ricochet Kills 4

If you have played the previous versions than you know that this game is extremely addicting and fun to play. This is the fourth part of the worldwide known flash game named Ricochet Kills. The main challenge is the same. There are only few differences in the sound and graphic effects that the developers have changed for a reason to make the game different from the other versions and there are also new levels that you will need to complete. The challenge is the same and that means that you will need to use your accuracy skills and knowledge again to neutralize the enemies to win the level.


play ricochet kills 4

play ricochet kills 4

Ricochet Kills 4 Game

 Like in the previous versions the enemies are not moving but they may be covered with some walls and it is pretty hard to reach them. But, your bullets are unique and specially made for this kind of tasks. Your bullets can bounce from the walls several times. But, your bullets are limited and you have to take care to spend them wisely. This game will kill your free and boring time immediately because you will use your focus and concentration on the challenge in front of you. You don’t need any gaming skills or some fast fingers for this game because this is not an action, racing or fighting game.

Ricochet Kills 4 Gameplay

This game requires some more thinking and planning. Win the level, or neutralize all of the enemies on the field with as less as possible bullets to get some big score which later you will need for unlocking some additional levels. We have to mention that you can’t change your position too. This will be the ultimate test for your shooting skills and your knowledge. There are also few different ways to neutralize enemy beside with bullets. You can imbalance some wooden crates that can make lethal damage when they hit some enemy that is near. Take care because you can make mistake and one of that wooden crates may hit you. Than you will lose the level and you will have to start from beginning. Invite your friends to come at your home and together, with their help, try to accomplish this amazing flash game because two and more heads thinks more than one, right? There are many levels that you will need to complete and none of them are time limited. So, you don’t have to rush. Take as much time as you need to win this game successfully. How the levels go by they are becoming tougher and tougher to complete. But, what would be so interesting in this game if there is no struggle to complete it. Do not quit right after you can’t complete some level. Show some dedication and everything is going to be just fine. The controls for playing this game are very simple. You will need to use only mouse to aim and shoot your enemies. Give it a try. Good luck and have fun while playing. We hope that you will manage to win some amazing results. If you are looking for some other games to play then make sure to check Whack Your Ex out, its really fun game.