Ricochet Kills 3

Do you still struggle to find the best and the most effective method which will successfully turn your free and boring time into some fun? Well I think you should stop it right know because you have already found the solution. Ricochet Kills 3 will surely be the cure for your problem and right after you start playing this awesome and unique flash game you will see how much fast you will forgot that you were bored few moments ago. This is the third part of this much known worldwide flash game that is played by everyone. Everyone wants to have some fun spent time, right? Amazing game which you can start playing when you have lunch breaks, when the weather outside is rainy or cold to go outside for some sport or even when the youngsters are at school on some boring class.

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ricochet kills 3

Differences in Ricochet Kills 3

What is different in this new version? The only different thing from the previous version is the sound and graphic effects that makes this game kind a refreshed. The task remains the same. If you did not play the previous two versions than probably you don’t know what it is all about. The task is pretty simple.

Ricochet Kills 3 Gameplay

You are standing on one place with a gun in your hands and you cannot move.  From that position you will need to kill your enemies that also can’t move, but they may be hidden behind some objects or walls. You will need to find the little space where the bullet can pass and neutralize the enemy successfully. Your bullets are limited but they have unique characteristic. They can bounce from a wall or some boundary of certain object. You can use additional ways to neutralize your enemies like explosive barrels or insecure wooden crates that are easily to be flipped off and make some serious damage on the persons that are around them. That means that every bullet you fire from the gun should be wisely send out there to make some damage. You will need to involve all of your focus and concentration for the best results. There are 50 levels that you will need to complete if you want to win the game. In every level you can earn some certain score points based on how many bullets you spend and how many persons you kill with one bullet. You may also like to check the My Friend Pedro Arena game.

Ricochet 3 Final Take

Collect more than 2300 points in these 50 levels and you will be able to unlock some additional levels. How the levels go by they are becoming tougher and tougher to finish. So, that means that you may find some struggle till you reach the finish, but use your commitment and you will not have any problem finishing this awesome flash game. You can use this game as a competition between you and your friend who has better shooting skills and who is more accurate. You can do that by playing separately on two different devices and compare the results at the end of the game. You can also play together one game and accomplish the final result together. You will need to use the mouse to aim and shoot. Give it a try and win the best possible result. Best of luck.