Ricochet Kills 1

You are still struggling to find the best and the most effective method to collapse your free and boring time? Well, you should stop searching right know because if you are reading this that means that you have found the method already. We think that the best and the most effective method that will successfully battle free and boring time is playing online flash games. These days there are many different types of flash games that can give you the right amount of joy to successfully overcome the situation that is little problematic. Read carefully the next few sentences because this is the game that you should try because it is absolutely amazing and exciting and we are sure that you will like it a lot.

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ricochet kills

Ricochet Kills 1 Gameplay

Ricochet Kills is a shooting game that will put your shooting skills and accuracy to the ultimate test. The challenge is so unique and it will take all of your focus and concentration which will result in collapsing the free and boring time immediately. The developers of this game did not spend too much effort in the graphics and sound effects sections, but they do all their best to come up with this unique challenge that you will need to complete. You will not need any gaming skills or some fast finger which is needed for action games. Also you will not have to rush because this game is not time limited or something like that. Basically, in this unique flash game, your task is to neutralize some persons with a limited number of bullets.  The persons or enemies that you are trying to neutralize are not moving, they are standing in one place. But they may be protected with some walls or objects and you will then need to use your knowledge to manage to kill them. You can kill them if you know the fact that your bullets are bouncing when they hit some wall or boundary for several time before they lose their bouncy power. What makes this game complicated is the fact that you cannot move your position too. You will need to predict where the bullet will need to be bounced and what his tract will be. You may find yourself in some pretty hard level to finish but that is the point of this game.

Ricochet 1 Pros and Cons

This game gives you some struggle that you will need to have to be able to concentrate even more on the situation and find the best solution.  You already know that these days there are walkthroughs for almost every game, but we do not recommend it for you to use them because you will crush the point of the game and you will win this game without any struggle. The main task is to try to make as much points as you can in the given levels. You can make bigger score points if you manage to make a combo out of kills. That means that if you kill more persons with one bullet you will have bigger score if you kill them with one bullet for each person. The only bad think that we think that is little negative is that there is no option for playing this game multi-player. But we have found a solution for that problem also. You can play this game parallel on a two devices with your friend and you can compare the results at the end because the levels are always the same. You should not have any problems in the controls section because they are too much simple. You will need to use the mouse to aim and shoot. Give it a try and we are completely sure that you will have an amazing and unforgettable experience while you are playing this game. Best of luck. Superfighters 2 is another great shooting game you may like to try!