Ricochet Kills 2

Are you ready to put your accuracy and shooting skills to the ultimate test once again? We have the perfect test for you that will surely give one approximate image of your shooting qualities. You should start playing this flash game that we will try to describe in the next few sentences which is very effective in neutralizing free and boring time. This game is the second part of the worldwide known flash game named Ricochet Kills.

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ricochet kills 2

Differences in Ricochet Kills 2

There are few differences in this second version of this game. The game graphics and sound effects are little more improved which makes the playing of this game one completely unique and exciting experience. We have to mention the fact that the number of players that are playing this game and using as their own method for turning some boring time into fun one is constantly rising from day to day. Ricochet Kills is played by all genres and ages. Every person that wants to have some fun time can play it. The task or challenge is the same like in the previous version, but in case you did not play the previous version here is what you should do. You should kill some persons that are probably your enemies with as less shots as you can. If you like this game then you may also want to try Pixel Warfare 2 which is another entertaining and addictive game for all ages.

Ricochet Kills 2 Gameplay

The enemies are standing at one place, they are not moving. You cannot change your position too. Your bullets are unique and they are bouncing several times when they hit some boundaries or walls. Try to neutralize all enemies with as less shots as possible. In this unique and exciting flash game there are many new possibilities that you can use to neutralize the enemies effective. In this flash game beside with bullets, you can kill your enemies by hitting some explosives or misbalanced wooden crates that will seriously damage the health of your enemies. You can hit the wooden crates with your bullet and misbalance them which will result with a real mess. Also there are big concrete balls that are used in the constructions which you can use for the same purpose, neutralizing the enemies. You should take care with these concrete balls because they are really unpredictable and in some levels they may damage you too. So, this means that you should seriously concentrate and think twice or even three times where you will shoot.

Ricochet Kills 2 Final Take

There are total 50 levels that you will need to complete if you want to win this game successfully. The levels are not time limited and you will not need to rush. You can take as much time as you need. The levels are getting harder and harder to complete how they go by from one to fifty. Show everyone how wise you are and win amazing results. You can use additional help from friends and play it together because two head thinks better than one, right? You can also compete with your friend if you start playing this game parallel one two different devices and later at the end the winner will be competitor with less shots taken. Ricochet Kills 2 have pretty much simple controls that should not be a problem from everyone to understand it. You will need to use only mouse to aim and shoot.  In some levels you may need to struggle a bit to pass it. But that is part of the game where you should show your dedication which will lead to success for sure. Give it a try. Good luck and have fun while playing. If you liked this game you may also want to check Sas Zombie Assault 4 and Cat Mario.